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A year passes and it is a human nature (or just a way to make us feel better over our bad decisions over the holidays) to set new year resolutions. And for some reason my new year's resolution started of way before the holidays even started. 2 years ago I've decided to continue my education and I've signed up for MA in graphic design. Since I've been mostly working in 3D department, I've seen how much refined of a designer you can become by knowing different aspects of it. And among the things I've learned in the last 2 years of studying, is also my long lost love for photography.

By studying Fashion Design, us students had a wide range of different design courses we had to take to finish (appart from the main 2 big courses of fashion and textile design). And one of these was a photography course, which in a way was a very good course, but the classes were long and monotone and usually at very early or late hours of the day. So the enthusiasm was pretty low, and at the end there were only a few that really decided to throw themselves into a photography career, and even those had been developing their skills way before even applying to this course. I for that matter had always been intrigued by the art of photography, but very rarely even thought about really throwing myself into it, to learn more. Not in an aspect of photography career, but more to pamper myself with the new knowledge which can also be applied in other ways of my design.

Fast forward to year 2021, after years of taking pictures with my Huawei phones, I've had a chance to use my first proper camera, which ended up to be a Nikon D750. Since we had a photography course and the university also provided you with a camera, in case you did not own one, this was a sort of a "aha" moment for me. This is what I've been missing out on? It might seem foolish to some people, but for me in a way it felt like I found something I was again so intrigued by, it motivated me, it gave me a new way to look at art and admire it.

Since then I bought my own camera to learn on, to really get to know how to properly use it to take photographs as best as I could, to freeze the moment in the best way possible. Since I'm still in the learning phase, I've decided on Nikon D90, and I'm not going back to phone photography (tho I must say Huawei cameras are really good).

So that's it, my new years resolution is to learn a new skill, and that skill is photography.

If you'd like to check out what I've captured so far, you can go to Portfolio, or you can also check my new photography instagram page.

Hope you all started on your own resolutions, whether new year ones or just found a new hobby. Share a comment and tell me about it!

Until next post, have fun!


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